JustServe “Month to Serve”

Monday, Sep. 11 • 12:00 AM – Tuesday, Oct. 10 • 12:00 AM
We invite you to participate in "Month to Serve" from September 11th to October 10th. As an individual, family, or with friends consider volunteer opportunities you’ve enjoyed in the past and prayerfully ponder how you can make a difference in our community during "Month to Serve". Then: 1. Use https://www.justserve.org/ or the JustServe app to find a need you’d like to fill. 2. Create your own project on Just Serve! 3. Commit to serve by yourself, or with family and friends. 4. Make a plan. Every age can serve someone, somehow. 5. Share your experiences. – Take some pictures, write a few sentences about your family experiences and send them to your Stake JustServe Specialist Melissa Hurst at mkhurst83@gmail.com.

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