Why I Believe Fireside

Sunday, Sep. 17 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Washington D.C. Temple Visitors Center
Suz and Farrel Martin are transplants to the Washington DC area, arriving in Maryland in the year 2000 (remember when “Y2K” seemed scary?) We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the Gospel of new beginnings and better days ahead. We’re serious about our faith, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! In this fireside we’ll share our personal journeys to find faith in the Lord. Probably laugh a little, cry a little and use some awkward math jokes. Please join us for a conversation about our faith. We are united in our love of the Lord, but we believe VERY DIFFERENTLY. Suz grew up in the booming metropolis of Thermopolis, Wyoming – a town whose elevation exceeds its population. She was “The little girl that beat all the boys in sports” whose college degree in Recreation Therapy has been put to good use working in local school systems, serving as youth leader in the Church, and raising three wonderful children with Farrel. Suz sees the Gospel through the window of the soul – heeding the promptings of the Holy Ghost and not needing an explanation when the Lord says “jump!” To Suz, life and the Gospel are like musicals that are best experienced with the heart. As a kid raised in Arizona, Farrel milked the family cow every morning before school and somewhere along the way discovered a magical language called math. He’s a materials scientist specializing in “rust,” who sees the world in a unique way. Never afraid to ask “Why???” – Farrel has learned to leverage questions as catalysts for growth and not impediments to belief. Farrel always seems to interpret Gospel principles through analogies of physics, chemistry, and bicycles. Yes, cycling. Farrel currently serves as a counselor to President Clarke of the Washington DC North Mission.

Please join us for a night of testimony.

Invite your friends and neighbors to share in this Gospel message.

Zoom Link (English): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83666868897

Also on Facebook Live at: https://www.facebook.com/washdctemplevc

The event will be in English with in-person translation to Spanish, Chinese, and American Sign Language

Washington D.C. Temple Visitors Center
9900 Stoneybrook Drive
Kensington, MD 20895
United States

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