YaGe Chorus of Washington (YGCW)

Saturday, Jun. 3 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Washington DC Temple Visitor's Center
As part of Asian-American Heritage Month, the Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center is excited to host the YaGe Chorus of Washington (YGCW)! The name of YaGe is derived from the Bible’s “Song of Songs.” The YaGe Chorus was founded by Ms. Miao Ge in Pennsylvania in 2007, after moving to Virginia in 2010 the chorus was officially renamed the “YaGe Chorus of Washington (YGCW)”. Members of Yage Chorus pursue the purity and beauty of life, connecting friends from all walks of life with beautiful songs. Our chorus members include young students and senior citizens; there are professionals who have been singing for decades and won singing awards as well as beginners who have just shown their interests. The motto of Yage Chorus is “Let’s sing together until we’re 100 years old”! Yage Chorus welcomes friends who share the interests of singing, and appreciate the beauty of life to join this big loving family.
Washington DC Temple Visitor's Center
9900 Stoneybrook Dr
Kensington, MD 20895
United States

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